A Series on Big Data in Web Analytics

Big data is a trending topic right now in the web analytics world. Given the experiences I've had working with large data sets with multiple national companies, it seemed worthwhile to compile what I've learned. This way other people who are just starting to get involved in big data might be helped, and those who have been involved a long time can give me additional pointers.

In one way big data is just another term for something we've been doing all along in web analytics. But in other significant ways, big data gives us new opportunities to understand our customers. It also brings new risks to the industry. In either case, big data is a clarion call for web analysts to step up their game. There is so much untapped potential, and it requires a strong analyst to tell the story and help companies take advantage of it all.

Each day this week I am posting a new article about big data in web analytics. Rather than going into details about different tools that enable big data, I will discuss some fundamental principles and techniques. These are the topics I plan to cover:

Monday, 6/24: Big Data and Web Analytics
Tuesday, 6/25: Big Data and Macro Trends
Wednesday, 6/26: Big Data and Personalization
Thursday, 6/27: Big Data and Company Goals vs. Customer Needs
Friday, 6/28: The Risks of Big Data

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